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November 4th, Subversion and Sedition

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 October 20, 2017,  Dylan Wick

As most of us are aware of, the November 4th "Refuse Fascism" events are quickly approaching.

On their website they state in part:

"We will gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country, at first many thousands declaring that this whole regime is illegitimate and that we will not stop until our single demand is met: This Nightmare Must End: the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

Our protest must grow day after day and night after night—thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions—determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power."

This certainly sounds like subversion and sedition to me.


noun: subversion; plural noun: subversions
  1. the undermining of the power and authority of an established system or institution.
    "the ruthless subversion of democracy"

18 U.S. Code § 2384 - Seditious conspiracy

"If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both."

There is plenty of guessing and speculation about how and to what extent this will manifest itself across the country. No one really knows for sure until it lights up. More than likely it will be largely dependent on the political climate in various locales.

For example, we’ve all seen how these Marxist/Anarchist/Communist terrorists “AntiFa” have been left to run amuck in places such as Berkeley and other liberal and communist/progressive strongholds… assaulting anyone who is not with them or whom they unilaterally declare a Nazi, including law enforcement. They’ll use bricks, flag poles, pepper spray, M80's, molotov cocktails, fire, urine, acid, frozen water bottles, ball bats and mob attacks… all while remaining anonymous and masked. However, here in Florida, so far, local law enforcement and the Governor himself have been proactive and not allowed these things to get out of control in our State.

During the Richard Spencer event in Gainesville just yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in advance and called upon multiple law enforcement jurisdictions to ensure that what has been seen in States such as California and Oregon, where not allowed to manifest themselves here in Florida.

Looking back to our involvement as an organization here in Florida, we do see a history of law enforcement not allowing AntiFa to conceal themselves with masks, nor to be allowed to freely commit assaults and acts of violence. Thankfully, thus far, they have done their job and done it well. During both the Orlando ACT for America event on June 10th, 2017, and the Ocala August 13th, 2017 event at Central Baptist Church, despite threats coming from various AntiFa groups, in particular Gainesville AntiFa, no masks were seen and these violent terrorists groups committed no assaults. is promoting that their events will be held in Atlanta/GA, Austin/TX, Boston/MA, Cleveland/OH, Honolulu/HA, Los Angelas/CA, New York/NY, Omaha/NE, Philidelphia/PA, Portland/OR, San Fransisco Bay/CA, and Seattle/WA. These are arguably all predominate Marxist/Communist/Progressive strongholds. To me, it seems this is a strategic well thought out tactic. Clearly in these strongholds they will be able to create much more havoc and chances are the corrupt media propaganda machine and in some cases, Mayors who have their law enforcement stand down, will use it to help spark pockets of outbursts elsewhere.

A recent undercover video posted to YouTube by Steven Crowder, reveals a number of things that they have planned, as well as their mindsets.

This video has more merit when you factor in that they’ve actually been selling knives to their members on the Internet.

So, even though no large scale November 4th events are slated for Florida, we do have to be ever so mindful and aware as there is no doubt that there is an AntiFa presence here in Florida. We’ve experienced them first hand, as well as their green hat legal teams, who are only there to document and be witness FOR ANTIFA should any American defend themselves or should LE make the smallest of mistakes. It is also reasonable to expect that AntiFa, Marxists, and their sympathizers will feel emboldened as things spark off Nationwide.

Some things to consider:

  • They will be dressed in plain clothes, and in many cases, just moving around in public, perhaps solo, or perhaps in small groups.
  • Chances are, since these people are cowards, they will strike when you are not aware of their presence, and quickly disappear. Sucker punches and now quite possibly sucker knife attacks are a strong possibility.
  • Be extra mindful if you have anything pro-America or pro-Trump, such as stickers on your vehicles, hats or shirts. You are a target. Do I advise removing them? Not my call. I lean towards “No”, since we are not cowards and we do not succumb to terrorism to squash our freedom of expression and love for our country and our President. If you have a spouse, you may want to consider asking her to not use vehicles that are stickered.
  • Ambushes are a strong possibility.
  • They will clearly be using knives and not challenge you to a direct knife fight, but will attack prison style and disappear into the environment.
  • Although none of us have any desire to "have" to use deadly force, understand, that a knife in many cases is a justifiable use of deadly force.
  • Be cautious of any "luring", whether it is a broken down vehicle, someone in alleged need, etc.
  • They have been talking for some time about acquiring firearms and firearms training. It would not be surprised if they fire upon people, in particular, from a cowardly concealed position. Additionally, I have a concern for the safety of law enforcement, whether it be being shot while in their patrol vehicles, or being called into an ambush.
  • Understand that often, they will wait for the most violent and illegal acts until they can use the cover of night. Depending on where you are, if you possess night vision or FLIR thermal imaging, that may be useful.
  • Be mindful that there are John Brown Gun Club and Redneck Revolt chapters here in Florida. Two that stand out are in Tampa and Orlando.
  • This would be a perfect opportunity for the deep state to pull off a false flag, especially one for gun control, martial law, or one to demonize patriots and III%'s, so be on the lookout, and video document everything. Now is the time to get your body camera in order and be sure you have a large enough SD card. I personally use this one.


  • Be mindful of your surroundings and account for those around you at all times, especially those you do not know.
  • Avoid being in large groups/gatherings where people are packed in fairly tight.
  • Avoid gun free zones, or as I like to call them, government sanctioned kill zones.
  • A hand out of sight very well may contain or be reaching for a weapon.
  • Never let anyone within arm’s reach of you. If they insist or persist, in this climate, I would verbally warn them to keep their distance, and if they breach arms reach, I would have to consider them a threat and take care of business if escaping is not the best tactical option. Women, your fingernails are a great DNA collection device.
  • To help prosecute, or to aid in legally protecting yourself in the event that lethal or non-lethal force is required to defend yourself or others, consider:
    • A covert pocket camera and a vehicle mounted dash camera.
    • A use of force insurance policy such as CCW Safe.

Now nowhere in this article am I advising to be a coward or hide out in your home. In many ways, that is allowing terrorism to accomplish its goals. What I am advising is to be mindful and think things through.

Evidently, someone with an III% organization issued a "stand down order" for patriots on November 4th. It was a little odd to me because there is no supreme leader of III% in the United States. With that being said, despite the delivery, I believe whoever initiated this did so from a position of tactical wisdom.

Some may interpret this as a cowardly move. But as mentioned, I think it comes from a place of wisdom in the area of controlling the optics and the narrative. These radical leftists have been exposing themselves, and in doing so, red pilling thousands, if not millions. I am sure when they said "stand down", they meant, don’t rush right out there in your battle rattle to save the Republic. It would clearly be used as a narrative that we are all out there looking for a fight, a bunch of kitted up gun toting red necks. And in light of the Vegas massacre, and those in political office looking for any reason to try to disarm the American people, a bunch of “Militia” running out with full kit and guns could be just what they need… especially if there is a massive firefight.

In my humble opinion, I believe the best strategy is to:

  • Allow them to show their hands and further expose themselves.
  • Let law enforcement handle it unless it becomes more than they and the National Guard can handle.
  • Clearly it is a prudent idea to either covertly kit up or to have gear within reach at all times.
  • Clearly if someone is being attacked, deal with the threat. If time permits, get a call into LE with a description of criminals, but most importantly a description of YOU so they don’t put one in your chest thinking you are the bad guy.
  • Run video during any altercations if possible. As mentioned previously, some type of a body mounted camera is best as you're going to have your hands too full to whip out your phone and hold it.
  • If safe to do so, and the situation and your abilities allows, detain those commiting criminal activity until law enforcement arrive. This combined with video evidence can help to prosecute those who perpetrate crimes agains our country and her people.
  • If you see anything out of the ordinary, especially people in masks, call it in, and quite possibly keep an eye on the situation from a safe distance.
  • In the event that LE becomes a target, myself personally, I very well may choose to shadow them from a distance to help ensure that they stay safe as they do their jobs.
  • Obviously, if things go to hell in a hand basket, all bets are off. We do what we have to do to protect our country, and the people of her. Like someone once said, "courage defined is, doing the right thing despite the consequences". After all, we all swore an oath to support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Lastly, I strongly encourage everyone to have at least the basics on hand at all times for trauma first aid. You may just save a life, whether it yours, one of our LE or first responders, your family member, or one of your other fellow Americans. At a bare minimum, a CAT tourniquet.  

My minimal blowout kits consist of:

  • CAT Tourniquet
  • Celox RAPID Z-Folded Gauze
  • Extra (generic) Gauze
  • Nasopharyngeal Airway
  • Nitrile Glovers
  • NAR Hyfin Vent Chest Seal
  • Israeli Battle Dressing Bandage
  • Trauma Shears

Organization wise, I don’t think it is possible for us, or any organization at this point in time to have a clear cut plan until we see how things develop. At the very least, we each as individuals need to be prepared, as we always should be, for whatever may happen.

Watch your six, and the six of your fellow Americans.

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