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Jacksonville, FL - Generation Under Fire - Town Hall Discussion

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 March 15, 2018,  Dylan Wick

Three members of Northeast Florida Article6 were in attendance for the "Generation Under Fire" town hall discussion, hosted by News4Jax WJXT4 and Jacksonville University on March 14th, 2018 at Terry Concert Hall in Jacksonville, FL.

Besides the fact that we do in fact care very much for the lives and safety of our communities and children, proven by our volunteer community safety operations, our objectives in attending this event were to video document the event in order to ensure it is kept honest and counter any CNN style misinformation antics or stacking of the deck. Additionally we were interested in our area law enforcement responses to the issues, in particular their Article VI sworn oath.

We take the issues of community safety very seriously, which is why we are so passionate about not unlawfully stripping the American people of any age of their God given, Constitutionally guaranteed and protected rights to defend themselves and their communities.

The fact is that per Article VI or the United States Constitution, the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and part of that law is "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". It grieves us greatly that Governments have created these unlawful gun free zones where students are placed in a situation where they are at great risk, and teachers as well as parents and others are handcuffed from protecting them from deadly force encounters.

I believe that there very well may be an unsubstantiated lack of confidence in our fellow Americans abilities to effectively handle firearms in these types of situations; a projection onto others by those who lack the confidence themselves or who do not feel comfortable personally carrying weapons. However, the truth of the matter is that there are countless millions of Americans that persue training far beyond the scope of what most law enforcment are required to (CJSTC 86A). With all of that being said, many civilians do in fact need more training. Training is never a bad thing.

The loss of beloved life is unnecessary and avoidable should our elected officials simply obey the law (Article VI and Amendment II) that they swore an oath to uphold. The facts are that 98.4% of mass shootings happen in gun free zones. Therefore, our children are 98.4% more likely to be mowed down in these areas than they are elsewhere in society. It's not only a proven ineffective law, it's an unlawful law that is a violation of basic human rights.

We are proud and thankful that News4Jax, the panel, and the participants did a well-balanced, honest and intelligent town hall absent of any ulterior motives and agenda.

The primary focus during this town hall was mental health as well as troubleshooting the root causes of the issues and discussing preemptive ways to catch things and sound alarms before things escalate to such tragic levels. There was also plenty of mention of the many failures of authorities related to the Parkland tragedy as well as the systems that failed. The panel was made up of mental health professionals, school authorities, law enforcement officers as well as plenty of students who communicated their fears and concerns.

Only one participant tried to make things about "fully automatic assault rifles and bump stocks", which was not relevant to the discussion since the general American public do not possess fully automatic weapons nor military assault rifles, nor was a bump stock used in Parkland. It is also arguable based on audio/video comparisons between a bump stock and a M240B belt-fed machine gun, that a bump stock was even used in Las Vegas, despite the narrative being pushed.

Public attendance of this event was quite low as only approximately 39 who were not media or other professional organizations such as Article6 were in the audience. I believe everyone expected a much higher turnout. However, the primary focus was clearly the live broadcast, which undoubtedly had many thousands viewing and engaging online.

After the town hall we had the pleasure of shaking hands with and meeting the local law enforcement on the panel, one of the news anchors Melanie Lawson, other participants, and a mother who had raised valid concerns about parents roles in their childrens lives, in particular parents needing to discipline their children and in the end being held accountable for their children's behavior. 

The complete video is available at

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