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3/26/2018 Political Action Team Brief

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 March 27, 2018,  Kenneth M. Jr.

I had an opportunity to discuss SB 7026 at the Republican Men of Clay on Wednesday, March 22, 2018. The club passed a unanimous proposal to send a Resolution to Senator Bradley and Representative Travis Cummings to express our displeasure with their support of the legislation.

We are also issuing an invitation to Senator Bradley (click here to view video of our protest outside of his office), and considering inviting Representative Jay Fant, Candidate for Florida Attorney General, to discuss what if anything can be done to reverse this decision to pass and possibly repeal SB 7026. Jay is one of the 15 Republicans that voted "No" on SB 7026. Much of the Northeast FL A6 team had an opportunity to meet Jay at the 2A Rally in Tally

On the brighter side, it looks like the attempt to add Gun-Control Amendments to Proposal 3. Commissioner Gainey, a former Sheriff, riled the amendments Out-Of-Order. You can check additional detail as posted by NRA-ILA at

This is a word of caution for all. The national attention to the MSDHS tragedy is putting all gun owners at risk. There have been two rounds of gun and ammunition confiscations in Florida in the last few weeks. Police in Lighthouse Point, FL confiscated 4 weapons and 267 rounds of ammunition after the owner indicated signs of mental stress. Read

CBS 47 News, Jacksonville, FL also announced this evening that another gun confiscation had occurred in Baker County, FL. Read

This person supposedly made threats on Facebook that caught the attention of the Baker County Sheriff. A neighbor commented that 'Nobody needs that many guns" I thought that one of the basic tenants of our Bill of Rights, Constitution, and Second Amendment give us that right.

The news stated that the individual had several guns and high-capacity magazines. I am recommending that all gun owners be cautious on any posts related to questionable comments regarding firearms. Unfortunately having to watch ones words for fear of search and seizure is treading on our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights that are guaranteed by the Constitition. We discussed a scenario at the Republican Men of Clay meeting where an anti-gun activist who does not respect our Second Amendment, could file false charges against legal, law-abiding, and naturalized citizens to have the gun owners’ firearms confiscated.

One other caution related to "Bump-fire Stocks." Attorney General Jeff Sessions indicated on Friday, Marsh 23, 2018 that he is close to finalizing his decision to "Ban Bump-fire Stocks'" Read

I am also the Interim Secretary for the newly formed Duval Republican Trump Club. We had our launch activity on March 24, 2018 at the Salem Center in Jacksonville, FL. Our guest speaker was Colonel Mike McCalister, former President of Citizens for Trump, who recently declared his candidacy for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture. The program was well received by a crowd of over 100 Trump supporters. You can see some of the photos at the Duval Republican Trump Club Facebook page.

I want to thank Bill B (Southeast, FL A6 Political Action Team) for the heads up on Colonel McCalister and opportunity to mention Bill to Colonel McCalister after the program. The information from Bill made the launch of the Duval Republican Trump Club a great success.


Kenneth M. Jr.

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